Mrs. Wilderman's World History II Class
Springfield Township High School

World Revolutions Project
Due 2/22/10

After the Enlightenment, people throughout the world were inspired to create change in their own countries. We have already studied how these ideas impacted life in America and in France, now we will look at revolutions throughout the world. Nations in Europe, held together by aggressive empires, and in Latin America, ruled by foreign monarchs, fought to end the old order and begin a new order.

To better understand the causes of revolt and the impacts of individuals, we will research revolutions in Europe and Latin America. Through posters, presentations, and short papers, we will share our knowledge and understand the changing world of the 19th Century.

Required Elements
Each pair will produce:
1. A poster using (30 pts)
  • Individual Leaders of the revolution
  • Causes of revolt (what was happening between the 2, or more, sides?)
  • Demands of the people
  • (New) Flag
  • Fun/Interesting Facts

2. A 3-5 minute presentation (30 pts)
  • Detail the revolution in your own words
    • What was the country/group like before and after revolution?
    • Who was involved?
    • What Enlightenment ideas inspired the people?
    • Was the fight for independence effective/long-lasting?

3. A full page paper (30 pts) – 12 pt, Times New Roman, 1” margins, double spaced
  • Who led the revolution?
  • What change did they bring?
  • Do you think this was an effective way to fight for independence?

We will also take a 10 pt quiz after the presentations on general concepts and individual accomplishments.

You will need to use and cite (MLA format) at least 2 sources outside of the textbook.

France (1830)
France (1848)